B elow are some internet links to other web sites related to the services that we offer. Additionally, they also serve as excellent information resources, so feel free to visit as few or as many as you wish!


Clickable Link / URL Description Portal Access Medical Resource Site American Academy of Family Physicians Center for Disease Control in Atlanta Children’s Health Care of Atlanta National Heart Lung and Blood Institute WebMD – a great medical resource online When you have a pill that you can’t identify just log on to WebMD’s Pill Identifier site to get help identifying it. United States, National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health Piedmont/Fayette Hospital web site Physicians Desk Reference – Health web site Medical Information web site Medical Terminology/Dictionary web site..Glossary of Medical Terms Summer Safety Tips Flu Prevention Tips American Diabetes Association Act FAST – Learn the many warning signs of a stroke. Are you traveling out of the country ? Make sure you check with the CDC Travel Clinic for any required or recommended vaccines before you book your trip. D+CDC Travel Clinic ph 404-351-2572 or check out their website
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